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Now there's only upside to owning a Rooftop Tent. Store with ROOZE & enjoy a fresh, clean rooftop tent every trip. Leave your wet dirty tent behind knowing it's in great hands with a team who cares for great gear.

Read below to find out how you could earn money or rental credits from your mint-condition tent.

Drop off. Drive away.

Return your tent to ROOZE after each trip - as soon as it leaves your roof, drive away!

Six-week sneak peek

If you haven't ventured outside for a while (shame on you!) we'll open & check your tent every 6 weeks & ensure it's kissed by the sun.

Dried. Aired. Disinfected.

We sun dry. We air dry. We vacuum, de-spider & de-bug inside & out. We disinfect. Fragranced & shelved ready to go when you are. 

Hoist & hit the road

Book in your fitting - it'll be ready to drop on your roof when you arrive. In & out.

No ladder. No mat.

We give your ladder & mat some alone time - stored outside the tent to reduce mildew, mould & a musty odour.

Premium adventure gear at your finger tips

We believe in different gear for different trips - you will too! Add any of our rental gear to your next trip. Play around. Stay a while. 

Moisture packs

Charcoal that is - activated by the sun continues to absorb odours.

Rent your tent.
Get rich.

Only an option - you can rent your excellent condition tent & share in the revenue. Storage might have a return on investment. You can convert your earnings to rental credits or you could get rich!

Why store your tent with us?

  1. Off your car - off your mind!

  2. Increase fuel efficiency - yes, you will

  3. Use your roof again - for work or play

  4. Park underground at your favourite shops again

  5. Reduce risk of damage - UV, accidental & mould/mildew

  6. Garage your vehicle at home & work

  7. Use carwashes again

  8. Reduce your clean up after each trip

Why NOT store your tent with us?

  1. You live too far away from ROOZE (3167)

  2. You like to getaway at the drop of a hat

  3. You can't drop off or collect Mon-Fri 930am-6pm

  4. Your tent isn't in great nick already

  5. You want to share your tent with mates & different cars

  6. It's a badge of honour on your rig - we understand

$79/mth (12-month commitment paid monthly, total $948/year)

or save $120/year by paying annually ($828)

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