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Let's get you on the road...

Check out our inventory - complete the form below.

We'll reach out with Q's about your vehicle/trip. If straight-forward, we may send you an invoice immediately - just let us know if you don't want to proceed.

Minimum 2 days for all gear.

Minimum 3 days for Rooftop & Ground Tents (4pp+)

All rentals must include Saturday & Sunday unless negotiated due to domestic/international flights, etc.

Drive-thru pick-up/return is free. Delivery starts at $79 (10km radius) & will be quoted based on # of km's from the base radius from ROOZE (3167) +$3/km.

Camping Hire, Rent Camping Gear

Upcoming 2024 Holiday Bookings must include the following days:

3-day King's Birthday (8-10 June)

Min. Sat-Mon (p/u Fri return Tue)

3-day AFL GF Weekend (27-29 September)

Min. Sat-Mon (p/u Thu return Mon)

4-day Cup Weekend (2-5 November)

Min. Sat-Mon (p/u Fri return Wed)

+61 488 688 314

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Thanks for your enquiry - we'll be in touch within 24hrs! If your booking is last minute & need urgent attention, feel free to call 0488688314.

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