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RTT Idea Sessions

Tuesday evenings 5pm - 8pm


FREE 20min (flexible) consultations if you need any help with your current RTT, overland or camping set-up or are in the market for a tent & not sure how to evaluate all the different brands, styles, weights, price tags.


Note we are focused on the exterior of your vehicle - we don't offer advice on mechanics or custom 4x4 builds. We're focused primarily on camping/touring.


Read some examples below of the FAQs & topics covered. Complete this contact form & we'll send you a link to schedule your session.




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We're opening up our drive-thru on Tuesday evenings for a limited time so roof-toppers & campers can get some FREE ideas & recommendations for rooftop tents (including your current set-up). There are plenty of discussions & forums online, but this is an opportunity to have a real conversation walking around your vehicle or set-up & looking at real life solutions in our warehouse. Our gates are opened by appointment only so it's a requirement that you've pre-booked. The consultations will be 20min - it's specific to your vehicle/tent, so bring it along.


We could cover many topics including:

  • Here's my vehicle - what rack, platform, RTT & other set-up is possible re: sizes/weights?

  • How can I make my mattress more comfortable?

  • How can I keep my bedding inside my RTT?

  • How could I add an awning/accessories to my set-up?

  • How can I reduce the weight of my set-up?

  • How can I reduce condensation?

  • What can I do to my RTT to make it easily sellable?

  • A few things (XYZ) annoy me about my current set-up - any ideas for improvement?

  • I think I've got the wrong style of tent, help!?

  • I'm thinking about changing my vehicle - what tents are possible fits & what should I consider?

  • I'm thinking about doing XYZ but what other costs should I take into consideration?

  • How heavy is my current set up? (We have a hoist/scales so you can understand your real weight) - we need a heads-up on this one so let us know in the message in the form

Ideas Sessions

Tuesday only

5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

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