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Go hard or or go soft!


It takes 50 minutes - drive in & drive away with one of our rented roofs decked out specifically for the trip you're planning.

We have Jeep Soft Tops plus we've pre-fitted Jeep Hard Tops with racking & internal bracing products so you carry more load including rooftop tents, platforms & accessories, camping gear & more. We use Rhino Backbone Systems, Front Runner & (soon) Yakima RibCage systems - all penetrate the roof & mount to the sports bar &/or tub frame (inside the vehicle). This can increase the roof load capacity from 0kg up to 150kg (on-road dynamic roof load limit). Soft Tops are installed using existing bolt mounts in your sports bar. There is NO drilling or change to your vehicle.

We simply remove your roof (unplug a few cords, unscrew a few bolts then hoist) then store on a shelf while you go out & play. Add rooftop tents from our rental inventory, awnings (270, 180, side), platforms rigged for overland adventures - our gear or yours!

Now available: JLU (2018+ 4-door) hard top with Rhino Backbone or Mopar Soft Top

Coming soon: JL, JK, JKU, JT hard tops & JLU soft tops

The roof is rented per day & there is a flat fee for installation (swap to go, swap upon return)

Check out our full inventory & make a booking enquiry - we'll consult you on your model & the options available based on some general info about your trip.

Reach out directly with your Model type & we'll give you a call.

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