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Partnering with ROOZE is a great addition to any company's benefits package, regardless of size. We help your employees access premium outdoor gear for any adventure, making each trip convenient, comfortable & creative!

There's a real need to balance the time employees spend with technology & media with time outdoors. Switching off, experiencing more & practicing self-care are growing needs across all workplaces.

EMPLOYEE BENEFITS of engaging in leisure activities

  • Stress reduction - taking a break from screens & technology facilitates a mental reset, reducing stress and enhancing mental clarity 

  • Physical well-bing - engaging in outdoor activities helps foster better health & vitality

  • Feelings of being revitalised, energised & more focused leading to increased productivity & personal satisfaction

COMPANY BENEFITS of cultivating a culture that prioritises employees’ recharging in nature

  • Heightened productivity & creativity, leading to fresh perspectives & more innovative ideas

  • Increased physical & mental wellness resulting in reduced absenteeism & healthcare costs for employers 

  • Greater engagement & motivation leading to enhanced job satisfaction & employee retention rates


We come from a corporate world & understand managing teams - we can work with you to customise an employee offering that suits your business. 


Let's meet to discuss your objectives & ideas. In the meantime, here are some easy ways to start with ROOZE:

  • Promote: Company lists ROOZE as an EMPLOYEE BENEFIT & supplier of outdoor equipment to rent, buy & subscribe

  • Subsidise: Company subsidises employee rentals with ROOZE to a value of $900/month per 20 employees ($45/month each) - employees receive 25% OFF rental rates

  • Fund: Company promotes ROOZE to employees as a BENEFIT & will fund 100% of each employee rental (up to the value of $X per month to be determined by your business)

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